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Florida Association for Theatre Education, Inc. (FATE)
Policy on Freedom of Expression

Florida Association for Theatre Education, Inc. (FATE) recognizes that community standards vary widely in the State of Florida as a result of our vast ethnic and cultural richness, and FATE believes that the responsibility of selecting materials, resources, activities, scripts, and plays for the theatre arts student rests with the professional theatre educator. Furthermore, because the educators are entrusted by the school and district administration to assess and evaluate the needs of their students, the theatre educator is in the best position to determine what is needed to enhance and promote the sequential educational development of a student. This determination should be based upon consideration of the maturity level and the stages of emotional, physical, and mental growth of the student.

Developed by the Committee of Standards and Ethics: Diane Topping, Chair, Graham Howard, Lynda Bell, Murray Mintz, Sally Deming, Michael Fritton, Gary Graf, and Andrea Dort. Revised and approved by the Executive Committee January, 1995.